Chinese Foreign Minister Visits Japan and Prospects for Meeting with Foreign Minister Motegi Coordinating Meeting with Prime Minister Suga September 27, 6:08


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is expected to visit Japan next month to meet with Foreign Minister Motegi.

Meetings with Prime Minister Suga have also been coordinated, and if realized, it will be the first opportunity for Prime Minister Suga to meet with Chinese dignitaries in person after taking office.

Kan Prime Minister and Xi Jinping Jintao of China met on the phone in 25 days, communicate, including between the leaders pointed out that it is important, we agreed to continue to work closely.

Under these circumstances, the Japanese and Chinese governments have begun to coordinate with Foreign Minister Wang Yi to visit Japan next month and hold a meeting with Foreign Minister Motegi.

In addition, the meeting with Prime Minister Suga has been coordinated, and if it is realized, it will be an opportunity for Prime Minister Suga to meet with Chinese dignitaries for the first time after taking office.

Prime Minister Suga is also planning to meet with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who is scheduled to visit Japan early next month, and will meet with foreign ministers of both countries one after another as the conflict between the United States and China intensifies. Become.

Prime Minister Suga intends to keep the Japan-US alliance as the cornerstone of diplomacy, while maintaining communication with China and building a stable relationship, and will convey this idea to Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Can be done.