At a press conference, WHO Emergency Situations Director Michael Ryan called for more international cooperation in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, which is set to make a million dead across the world.

According to him, this figure could be doubled for lack of new measures.

Two million deaths from Covid-19, or double those killed so far by the new coronavirus, is a "very likely" figure if everything is not done to combat the pandemic, a senior official said on Friday. WHO.

"If we do not do everything possible, the number you are talking about (two million,

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) is not only conceivable but unfortunately very probable", replied the director of emergency situations of the WHO, Michael Ryan, interviewed at a press conference.

"If we don't continue to do more, to evolve, in the nature and scale and intensity of our cooperation, then yes, we will contemplate that number and unfortunately even higher. The time for action is now Michael Ryan added.

"It's not just testing and tracing, not just (performing) medical care, not just (applying) social distancing, not just (working on) vaccines, do it all at the times ", he hammered.

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Over 984,000 dead

The Covid-19 pandemic, which started at the end of 2019 in China before spreading over the months around the world, is happening, in the days that have just crossed the million dead mark.

According to AFP's latest count on Friday, at least 984,068 people had died from Covid-19 around the world.

More than 32,298,410 cases of infection have been officially diagnosed but the number of infections is thought to be much higher, with many people missing from a census.

The United States is the most affected country in terms of both deaths and cases, with 202,827 deaths.

Next come Brazil with 139,808 dead, India with 92,290 dead, Mexico with 75,439 dead and the United Kingdom with 41,902 dead.