A 35-year-old man from France was sentenced by a court to six years in prison on Friday for the rape of a 98-year-old woman.

The man entered the victim's home in Lelystad in May and raped her several times.

In the night of 27 to 28 May, the man rang the doorbell of the woman.

When the victim opened the door of her sheltered home ajar, the man pushed her aside and demanded money, the court said.

Inside, he repeatedly assaulted the woman, who was unable to resist because of her physical limitations and advanced age.

The woman stated that the man assaulted her, including hitting her pacemaker.

The man has said that the victim cooperated voluntarily, but the court does not agree.

The physical examination of the victim revealed various injuries, including at the site of the pacemaker.

The court calls it "shocking" in the verdict that the man stated during his trial that he intended to visit the victim again and had also taken steps in that direction.

In France, the man has a criminal record, including for domestic violence.

The court imposed a year longer on him than was demanded by the Public Prosecution Service (OM).