A 47-year-old official, who was missing in the sea near Soyeonpyeong Island, in the northern part of the West Sea, was shot and killed in North Korea, and disappeared after saying "I work on papers" just before disappearing.

Related agencies such as the military and police announced that Mr. A was voluntarily attempting to defect to North Korea based on various intelligence and the circumstances at the time of his disappearance, but questions continue to arise in that there were no'preliminary signs'.

● Suddenly disappeared while working as usual…

According to a report on the maritime affairs situation related to A (47), a public official obtained by the Office of the People's Power of the People's Forces

on the

25th because of the


"Mr. A leaves the wheelhouse after telling a colleague that he is working on a document while on duty from 0:00 on the 21st." It is stated as one.

The Coast Guard reported that "on the same day (21st) at 11:30 am, I did not eat lunch, so I searched the bedroom, the entire ship, and the nearby sea, but could not find it, so I reported it at around 12:51."

It means that it suddenly disappeared while on duty.

In fact, it has been said that it is a common occurrence for fisheries instructors to overcome drowsiness while on duty or to leave to smoke.

Mr. A's colleagues also told the police that they did not hear any talks related to North Korea or showed interest in North Korea, and that they took the initiative in cleaning and were diligent.

The fact that no cell phone or will was found is raising questions.

The bereaved family insists that Mr. A is not North Korea because he left his official card.

This is because if there was a willingness to go to North Korea, the North Korean military would have taken a credible civil service card.

However, there are some opinions that it is difficult to view it as a'simple failure' because A's shoes remain on the stern side of the ship's starboard side.

However, the two closed circuit (CC) TVs inside the fishing guidance line failed from the 18th, so the last movement of Mr. A before his disappearance cannot be confirmed as of now.

● The'Wolbuk Statement' in interception information is the basis of the previous judgment…


addition to the fact that the military authorities took off their shoes on the ship the day before, there was a situation where Mr. A stated his intention to visit North Korea, and the North Koreans voluntarily found that they were resorting to'small floats' while wearing a life jacket at the time of discovery. It was presented as a basis for judgment of the attempt.

This judgment was made known as the result of comprehensive analysis of various intelligences, such as interception of North Korean communication signals (Sigint and SIGINT).

However, it is a message from field officials that wearing a life jacket is unreasonable to say that it is a situation of intention to defect to North Korea because it is a'peaceful dress' for ship personnel.

An official from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs also said, "(Fishing instructors) usually wear (life jackets) when conducting entry/departure surveys and not during breaks."

The ‘Wol North Statement’ that Mr. A expressed was not a confirmation of the transcript actually spoken by Mr. A, but is nothing more than a'circumstance' that was indirectly confirmed through intelligence such as an escalation of the North Korean military.

The'small float' used by Mr. A was also confirmed through interception information, not through visual confirmation, and the military is not able to figure out exactly what it is.

As a result, it is pointed out that there is a possibility that Mr. A, who managed to drift on floating objects in an accident, recognized that it was a North Korean sea area and made a false intention to flee to North Korea in an instant.

In addition, since most of the interception information secured by the military is internal reports of the North Korean military, it is pointed out that there is currently no way to clarify the exact facts.

(Photo = Power of the People, courtesy of Congressman Kyungho Chu, Yonhap News)