Washington (AP) - Critics of Apple's app store rules have joined forces in an organization.

The first 13 members of the App Fairness Coalition include music streaming market leader Spotify and its competitor Deezer, the game company Epic Games and the European Publishers Council.

The presented coalition specifically denounces the tax of 30 percent on digital content and subscriptions that are sold on the Apple platform.

In addition, the members demand that other app stores than Apple's are allowed on the iPhone and that app providers there can also use other payment processing systems.

Apple always replies to such criticism that the restrictions are necessary to ensure the safety of users - and that the app store operation is financed with the transfer.

In the case of subscriptions, the fees drop to 15 percent after the first year.

Some members of the coalition have public disputes with Apple.

For example, Spotify accuses the iPhone group of unfair competition before the EU Commission - because part of the subscription revenue would have to be given to him, while as a platform operator he could keep the entire income from his rival Apple Music service.

Epic Games, creators of the popular online game "Fortnite", recently caused a sensation when it attempted to bypass Apple by selling virtual content in violation of the app store rules.

Apple then banned the app from the platform.

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