Every day, the morning of Europe 1 looks back on one of the sporting events that make the news.

This Friday, Virginie Phulpin returns to the case of the boxing couple Mossely / Yoka who will fight this Friday evening at La Défense.

They are often criticized for being as athletic as "people" but, according to Virginie Phulpin, they are right to stage their lives as much as their fights in the ring.

Big boxing meeting this Friday evening at Paris La Défense Arena.

Five fights are on the program, including those of Estelle Mossely and Tony Yoka.

For Virginie Phulpin, the golden couple of the Rio Olympics in 2016 is right to stage his life as much as his fights in the ring. 

A professional boxing reunion with a featured couple is a world first.

It could be the subtitle of the evening, and that says it all.

We care as much, if not more, about the storytelling around the Estelle Mossely / Tony Yoka romance than about what they do in the ring.

Since their simultaneous Olympic titles in Rio, it is they, as a golden couple, who represent boxing in France.

We want the fairy tale by KO.

Their whole life is watched, commented on, this is our French version of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

They both perfectly integrated that their popularity, their image, went first of all through the narration of their married life in great detail.

Sometimes that can get a little weird.

When they broke up, Estelle Mossely announced it on Instagram.

You might have missed their last fights, but you sure didn't miss their reunion and marriage.

It may have annoyed them, at times, to put their lives on the scene and to be inseparable from each other, as if they did not each have their own career, but they made up their minds.

And too bad if it bothers the boxers who have made other choices.

For Virginie Phulpin, they understood everything and it should not be taken for narcissism

No, it can't be limited to that.

Look at Estelle Mossely.

She returns to battle this Friday evening, just four months after the birth of her second child.

And since she has chosen to make us also live her family life, it makes us realize that it is to be both champion and mother.

We need to change our outlook on sportswomen and motherhood.

Yes, we can do both, but yes, it's hard, and the boxer's testimony is a blessing for women's sport.

As she says, during her first pregnancy, a lot of people thought she would never go back to the ring.

We only spoke of her as Tony Yoka's wife.

Staging her life no doubt helped her, too, to challenge herself to come back.

And boxing, it's still one of the most filmed sports in cinema, we can no longer count the masterpieces with gloves in hand, and that also contributes to the fact that we want to, us, in real life , to see what's going on behind the ring.

This is not new, we already had a small idea of ​​Marcel Cerdan's private life, and that it contributed to his legend.

The little story in the big one, that's part of the charm of boxing, and it goes far beyond a few Instagram stories.