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An Argentinian deputy was suspended this Thursday for having, during a parliamentary session by videoconference, kissed the breast of his wife by his side, the video of the scene having since been very successful on social networks.

On the giant screen installed in Parliament, during these sessions where only a part of the deputies are physically present and while one of them has spoken, a woman appears on the screen thumbnail next to Juan Emilio Ameri, who hugs him with his arm.

Meanwhile in Argentina: During a virtual Congress session, lawmaker Juan Emilio Ameri pulled down his partner's shirt and started kissing her breasts.

- Benjamin Alvarez (@ BenjAlvarez1) September 24, 2020

The deputy of the province of Salta (northeast) then took out a breast from the black T-shirt worn by the young woman and began to kiss her.

The parliamentary session was first interrupted and then suspended by the President of Parliament, Sergio Massa.

He tried to apologize

"Throughout these months of teleworking we have lived through different situations where one deputy fell asleep or another hid, but today we have experienced a situation that goes beyond the rules of decorum of this house," a launched Sergio Massa.

Confused, Juan Emilio Ameri tried to apologize, explaining that he thought he was not logged in at the time.

“Here, throughout the interior of the country, the connection is very bad.

My partner came out of the toilet, I asked her how her prostheses were and I kissed her, because ten days ago she was operated on for breast prostheses, ”defended the 47-year-old deputy who should know within five days the sanction imposed by Parliament.

Seen hundreds of thousands of times

Interviewed on the Argentinian news channel

Todo Noticias

, which made its headlines about the affair, the deputy, member of the Frente de Todos government coalition of center-left president Alberto Fernandez, repeated his “regrets” and his “great shame ”but indicated that he would not resign.

"I will wait for my peers to decide in committee and then I will see," he said, again defending himself from a "regrettable accident" due to "a bad connection" to the Internet.

Que están esperando para echar was impresentable !!!!

Diputado Nacional por Salta del Frente de Todos, Juan Emilio Ameri.

"The dije a mi pareja, a ver como te quedó la operación y le besé las tetas" "Tengo mala conexión y thought estaba fuera".

Estabas en sesión y logeado !!

- Ignacio González Prieto (@igonzalezprieto) September 24, 2020

The footage has been viewed several hundred thousand times across the country, often accompanied by scathing comments.

This sequence has stirred up the population and many tweets about it abound on Twitter.


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