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  • To help students, especially the most precarious, affected by the economic consequences of the health crisis, support measures have been put in place in Strasbourg.

  • Health, transport, food, remains the eternal problem of housing, the main source of concern for students in precarious situations.

Under special conditions, unusual return to university.

Financially affected by the Covid-19 crisis, some students are approaching this month of September in dire need.

No summer job to make a little money in advance, few odd jobs available, for many students who are supporting themselves, the situation is tense.

Also, the Strasbourg Eurometropolis and the CROUS have put in place new support measures, in particular for scholarship students, ie nearly 22,000 for the Strasbourg academy.

Mobility aid, health, food ...

Measures very appreciated by the students that

20 Minutes

met on the campus, even if possible "aid for housing" are especially hoped for.

The housing budget remains their main concern.

“All my money is spent there, confirms Hugo, a literature student.

But hey, it's like everyone else.

But fortunately, to eat, there is aid, solidarity with the associations of the University.


The housing problem

Housing, an eternal black spot in student life?

"The possibilities of hosting Crous, ie 4,500 housing units, do not meet the ever-increasing demand," acknowledges Lina Rustom, General Director of Crous.

Even if this year, it is slightly less tense because many international students have not been able to return, or have not yet arrived for difficulties in obtaining visas, details the director.

The start of the school year is therefore somewhat staggered.

This helps to regulate the supply.

"But" specific measures for housing are in preparation, assures Caroline Zorn, vice-president of the Eurometropolis in charge of higher education.

They will be announced soon, ”promises the elected.

For Lucie and Morgane, a language science student, met at the exit of the Paul Appell university canteen, this is a good thing, even if they admit to being lucky because their families provide for their needs.

“But we have friends who cannot find accommodation so they come home to their parents every night, even when they live far away.

It's difficult.



Another point that puts a strain on student budgets.

While public transport pricing is underway, free admission for under 18s and 18-25s in precarious situations is in the pipeline, priority is given to cycling.

Scholarship students, in the context of aid related to Covid-19, benefit from a special offer on “Vélhop” explains the Eurometropolis.

With a rental package of 10 euros for the current year, ie the month at 1 euro.

However, no change for non-scholarship holders who still benefit from a student rate, i.e. 4.20 euros per month.

On the health side, menstrual kits for students in difficulty will be distributed.

A first tour of 1,050 kits is scheduled for the week of September 28.

On the other hand, a new distribution of reusable masks, more than 10,000, will be distributed to the most precarious students.

An explosion of catering

But it is above all meals at 1 euro for scholarship holders, meals sold in university restaurants and cafeterias at the Crous, which are a hit.

“An explosion” in evening catering, notes Lina Rustom.

In some university restaurants, “we have more than 600 meals served in the evening, against 250 during the same period last year.

Enough to recreate links, to live together, ”says Lina Rustom.

"Fortunately there is that," says Maguette, a history student.

Now I eat every night, because before… ”


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