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E. Frisullo / 20 Minutes

The neighbors alerted the emergency services after hearing the cries of the young woman followed by the sound of her fall to the ground.

Thursday, a 34-year-old man was indicted for aggravated violence on a spouse after his partner was found lying at the foot of their building in La Tour-du-Pin (Isère), unconscious.

According to

Le Dauphiné,

around 10 p.m. Tuesday evening, the 31-year-old victim fell into the void from the second floor in circumstances which remain unclear.

According to the first testimonies collected by the gendarmes, an argument would have broken out within the couple before the fall of the young woman, found polytrauma by neighbors who rescued her until the arrival of the firefighters.

Then taken care of by a team from Smur, the thirty-something was hospitalized in serious condition but her life would not be threatened.

The victim's companion, very alcoholic when the police arrived, was placed in a sobering-up cell and was heard the day after the incident.

The man, known for his alcohol addiction, was presented to the Bourgoin-Jallieu prosecutor's office on Thursday.

Legal information was opened to shed light on the circumstances of this fall and the violence within the couple.

The suspect was remanded in custody in Isère.


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