In the yard of Kytöpuisto school in Vantaa, a serious violence took place in the yard of Tuesday last week, in which one student was injured.

Four students aged 12-13 are currently suspected of violence.

The suspected assault was also filmed on video and spread on social media.

The case of the Vantaa school has shocked Finns and sparked a lot of discussion about school bullying in recent days.

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Katri Kalske, Deputy Mayor of the City of Vantaa, says that security has been increased at Kytöpuisto School in the past week after outsiders have visited the school area.

- During this week, the school was asked to be guarded in order to be able to ensure that students and teachers work peacefully there at the school.

Unfortunately, outsiders were observed in the school area during the past week.

- Increasing guarding is in no way related to matters related to students, but to people outside the school and ensuring that things run smoothly, Kalske says.

According to Kalske, it has been, for example, that citizens have wanted to come and tell a staff member their own opinion on how to act in a situation.

Otherwise, he will not comment on the visits.

- You can come to schools, they are public places, but you have to agree with the principal in advance if an outsider wants to come there.

It has been instructed that if you want to come to school or meet the principal, then the appointments will be arranged.

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Kalske states that, however, there has been no threat related to the presence of outsiders at the school.

- So there have been no disturbances.

No large numbers of people have visited.

However, there has been such an event that it has been considered wiser to secure the situation for the sake of certainty.

This has been a preventive and reassuring activity.

- The appearance of an outsider alone can be perceived as threatening by someone.

Especially in a situation where the school staff has been under quite a ordeal over the past week.

Kalske opens that in Vantaa's schools, people with the title of guard work as janitors in their main job and work part of the day.

This week, security has been added to full-time.

- Security has now been increased and in addition to these janitor guards, the actual security service has been acquired.

Currently, there is at least one guard on site at all times.

This has ensured that the school is calm and safe.

- How the situation will continue next week (in terms of guarding), I can't say yet.

The police in Eastern Uusimaa announced yesterday on Thursday that the police have spoken to the parties involved in the violent incident in the yard of Kytöpuisto school.

- As the suspects are under the age of 15 and are therefore not criminally liable, the incident will not be transferred to the prosecutor for prosecution.

The handling of the case will continue at the school as a multi-authority cooperation and the police will not inform about the case further, the police said in a press release.

Yle was the first to talk about increasing security at the school.