In Indonesia, a prisoner has recently been jailed by digging for as many as six months.

And in Russia, there have been cases where the land was sold for a longer year than this.

It reminded me of the movie'Show Shank Escape.

<Oh! Click> The third search term is'Jailbreak by digging a 50m tunnel'.

This is a video taken by CCTV outside a prison in Indonesia.

It was the sewer where a prisoner was slowly coming out.

This prisoner was a Chinese prisoner who was sentenced to death for drug trafficking in Indonesia.

Experts believe that he obtained a metal stick from a prison kitchen construction site and tunneled it to a sewer for six months.

However, a similar thing happened recently in Russia.

Six prisoners who have committed violent crimes such as murder and drugs escaped as a group by digging a tunnel over 50m long.

And I don't know what kind of equipment this tunnel is, but it seems to have been dug for at least a year.

Netizens said, "I think we were aiming for the chaos with Corona 19. What about the fear of local residents?" "It's amazing in a different sense. Realizing the story in the movie..."

(Screen source: YouTube Russia24)