The puppy, who almost died alone in the deep mountain, saved his life thanks to his benefactors with good eyes.

On the 23rd local time, foreign media such as ABC of the United States reported that members of a mountain bike group running through a North Carolina forest road found a dog in danger on the'Thinkhole Trail'.

On the 20th, those who have been mountain biking as a hobby every weekend went to the Pisga Forest in the Appalachian Mountains.

They entered a course called the'Sinkhole Trail' because there are many sinkholes created by the natural sinking of the ground. Actually, in the middle of the forest there was a huge sinkhole with a depth of 9m.

However, the members who paused to see the sinkhole and took a break for a while heard a whine somewhere.

Following the sound, there was a puppy on the sinkhole floor crying weakly.

After seeing a skinny dog ​​that seemed to have not eaten anything for a few days, the members immediately contacted the animal rescue group.

Rescuers arrived at the scene, tied themselves to a wooden pole and descended into the sinkhole.

The dog seemed to have no strength, but when the rescuer pulled out the jerky, the dog slowly got up and approached, and the rescuer fastened the belt to the dog and rescued the dog safely onto the ground.

Even though the puppy fell from a height of 9m, it is said that there was no injury.

The rescue group tried to find the original family while the dog was regaining energy, but no'companion chip' containing the owner's personal information was found on the dog's body, and no owner said to be looking for the dog.

The group said, "It is judged that the dog is a stray dog. However, among the members of the mountain bike group who saved the dog, we are discussing to decide who will become the dog's new family."

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(Photo ='Burke County Search And Rescue' Facebook)