"Fortnite" development company establishes an organization with "anti-Apple" September 25, 15:23

The development company of the popular online game "Fort Knight" has established a new organization to appeal to the governments of each country for the introduction of regulations, saying that there is a problem with the fairness of the distribution service of the application operated by IT giant Apple etc. I announced that I did.

A total of 13 companies and organizations have established the organization, including "Epic Games" in the United States, which developed the online game "Fort Knight" popular with young people, and "Spotify", a major flat-rate music distribution service.

A statement released at the time of establishment on the 24th states that developers should not be restricted to providing apps to only one app store or forced to use the payment system attached to the app store.

On top of that, it has indicated a policy of encouraging governments in each country to introduce regulations targeting companies that operate app stores.

Regarding the operation of the app store, Epic Games introduced a mechanism to purchase items cheaper without using Apple's billing system at Apple's "up store" last month, but Apple violates the rules. Removed Fortnite as and sued each other.

The new group is likely to see more debate over what the app store should be, with companies that support Epic Games' actions against the giant Apple.