A police car in Lille.

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The facts took place Wednesday afternoon, in the Porte-Joie district, in the city center of Mulhouse.

At around 4.35 p.m., two 20-year-old women were walking when they were assaulted by an individual who reproached them for their dress,

a police source


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According to our information, the 18-year-old suspect first thought to one of her about the size of her skirt before slapping her and causing her to fall.

She was slightly injured in the knee.

Then he grabbed the second young girl by the throat as she tried to help her friend.

The latter was not injured.

The suspect was quickly arrested by a police crew and taken into custody.

This news item follows a similar attack last week in Strasbourg.

A 22-year-old student, Elisabeth, accuses three men of having violently assaulted her on Friday on the grounds that she was wearing a skirt.


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