March 13 - the shooting 

Breonna Taylor is said to have been lying and sleeping in her home when three plainclothes police officers entered the apartment shortly after midnight on March 13 this year.

The police entered the apartment due to a drug investigation and used a controversial search warrant called a "no knock" warrant, which does not require warning before entering.

However, the police themselves claim that they knocked and made themselves known, something both Breonna Taylor's family and neighbors do not think is true.

Breonna Taylor's boyfriend, a registered gun owner, has said in interrogation that he believed that there was a burglary in the home and that he therefore fired a shot at the men in self-defense.

One of the policemen was hit in the leg and they responded by opening fire.

The boyfriend was initially suspected of attempted murder, but the charges were dropped in May.

Hit by six shots

According to a report from the FBI, a total of 32 bullets were fired, writes BBC.

Six bullets hit Breonna Taylor, one of whom was killed.

The boyfriend was not injured.

Breonna Taylor, who also got out of bed in the riot, died on the hall floor of her home.

No drugs were found  

The reason why a search warrant was issued for Breonna Taylor's address was that it was suspected that her expo boyfriend was part of a drug network and that he was hiding drugs in the home.

Breonna Taylor was unpunished and neither she nor her then-boyfriend had a history of drug crimes.

Investigators also found no drugs or large sums of cash in the apartment.

Error in police report

Several errors in the first police report on the incident have been discovered.

Among other things, it was initially listed that Breonna Taylor had no injuries and the police wrote that no force was used to enter the apartment.

In fact, a mortar was used to open the door, writes CBS News. 

After the shooting, the boyfriend called 991. In the conversation where he asks for help, he is heard saying: "I do not know what is happening, someone kicked in the door and shot my girlfriend".  

The family receives $ 12 million 

The Breonna Taylor family started a lawsuit against the city of Louisville.

In September, they entered into a settlement in which the relatives received 12 billion dollars, just over 109 million kronor, in exchange for withdrawing their lawsuit.  

In addition, the city has promised to implement a number of reforms in order to minimize the risk of deaths in police interventions, writes the New York Times. 

In June, "no knock" warrants were also banned in Louisville. 

One is prosecuted - but not for fatal shots 

Two of the police officers have been reassigned and one was fired in June.

The latter is also the only one now being prosecuted, but not for the shots that killed Breonna Taylor, but for endangering her neighbors when he fired his weapon blindly several times.

A jury was upheld on Wednesday.

The jury believes that the other two police officers had the right to respond to the boyfriend's fire. 

The police who were charged were also arrested, but were released just over thirty minutes later on bail.  

Demonstrations and riots 

After the announcement, the streets of Louisville were quickly filled with large demonstrations that in some places degenerated into riots.

Two policemen were shot and injured and over 45 people were arrested.

Protests against indictments were also held in other American cities.  

The city mayor has issued a curfew that continues to apply between 21 and 06.30 also on Thursday and Friday and even before the indictment was announced, he announced a state of emergency.