In the Arctic, two explorers were climbing a giant iceberg, and suddenly the iceberg turned over.

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Explorers Mike Horn and Fred Rue discovered this huge iceberg while sailing the waters between the Arctic and Norway.

The two immediately get off the boat and try to climb an iceberg about 5 stories high.

As soon as you take a step by step while shooting a hatchet, the iceberg suddenly starts to tilt, and the two are sucked into the sea along with the iceberg.

It was 2 degrees below zero seawater.

It was a dangerous moment that could cost you your life if you were hit hard by an iceberg or crushed by weight.

Fortunately, however, the two were able to avoid bumps and bumps of ice as they were swept away by the waves. Although an explorer with 30 years experience, Mike Horn released a video of his accident, saying, "I learned a lesson about what not to do in the Arctic."

The netizens who saw this said, "The explorer's spirit is good, but I'm so dizzy. I'm glad that I'm safe." "It seems that nature is angry with many humans by mistake."

(Screen source: YouTube Mike Horn)