On September 23, local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin, at a meeting with representatives of the Russian nuclear industry, compared the ability of the "Pioneer" missile system with a hypersonic glide warhead currently developed by Russia to withstand ultra-high temperatures to "Eskimo ice cream", or "Pioneer The temperature of the missile in flight reaches 2,000 degrees Celsius, but the materials made by Pioneer can withstand such temperatures.

This is also the second time Putin introduced the "Pioneer" missile system in public this month. On the 19th of this month, Russian President Putin stated to the outside world that Russia has the most modern weapons in the world and said that the "Pioneer" hypersonic missile is of great significance. The successful development of the first nuclear bomb during the Soviet era.

  Previously, military experts from the US "National Interest" magazine claimed that the "Pioneer" missile system has the capability of maneuverability and supersonic speed, which poses a severe challenge to the United States.

According to reports, the "Pioneer" missile uses a two-stage rocket engine, and its warhead can glide at 20 times the speed of sound, withstand high temperatures of 2000 degrees Celsius, and perform precision strikes on targets.

The "Pioneer" missile went into mass production in July 2018.

  (Headquarters reporter Wang Bin and Gu Xin)