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    Mattarella: "Murder Moro watershed for him and for Italy"

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24 September 2020 "We Italians also love freedom, but we also care about seriousness".

President Sergio Mattarella said this in Sassari, on the sidelines of the ceremony in memory of Cossiga 10 years after his death, talking with some participants in the celebrations, in response to those who asked him what he thought of what was declared by the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, on the English who, unlike Italians and Germans, love freedom. 

During a question time yesterday in the House of Commons - in response to a dispute by Labor MP Ben Bradshaw on "why Germany or Italy" currently register less official infections on the island without having adopted the new restrictive measures announced yesterday by the premier - Boris Johnson had explained that this is also the result of the liberal mentality more widespread in the Kingdom than "many other countries". "There is an important difference - argued Boris Johnson - between our country and many others in the world since ours is a country that has always loved freedom. If we look at the history of the last 300 years, every advancement, from freedom speak to democracy, he virtually came from this country ". "It is therefore very difficult - he concluded - to ask the British people to uniformly obey the directives needed today".