Regarding the 2022 presidential election, Kim Jong-in, chairman of the People's Strength Emergency Response Committee, said, "There must be four or five people who are willing to become presidential candidates in the opposition."

Chairman Kim said at the discussion meeting hosted by the Korean Broadcasting Journalists Club held today (24th) at the Mok-dong Artists' Center, saying, "We haven't been able to achieve what kind of vision they will show to the people." .

He added, "I don't want to take an interest in who will be in the presidential election because I don't want to lead (the party) to the next presidential election," he added. "Even if a certain person is in my head, I don't say it."

He dismissed his possibility of becoming a presidential candidate, saying, "I'm not interested in being honest."

Regarding the candidate for the mayoral election next year, he said, "If you have the ability to lead, you can do it."

He refuted the question, "I don't think there is a need to make a big distinction in terms of either the first election, the reelection, or the three elections," he said to the question of whether the Democratic Party can't take control of the ward mayor and the ward council when the first mayor comes out.

Regarding the so-called'Three Fair Economy Act' promoted by the government's ruling party, he repeatedly affirmed his support, saying, "Looking at the behavior of companies so far, we thought that such behavior should not be continued, and it was made to correct it."

However, he suggested that "it is difficult to understand that the provisions in the amendment are attached as'economic democratization clauses'", suggesting that the bill is not completely consistent with the economic democratization he claims.

Chairman Kim said, "There is no direct connection between the Taegeukgi unit and the power of the people."

When asked,'If there is a condemnation rally held by the Moon Jae-in government in normal times, not in the era of Corona 19, will I attend?', he said, "I don't agree with the fact that politicians participate in the rally. "Nothing at all."

Regarding the death of a public official who disappeared in the West Sea from a North Korean shooting, Chairman Kim criticized, "Isn't the policy toward North Korea that has been the most passionate efforts since the establishment of the Moon Jae-in administration. Until now, I have no choice but to feel that the policy toward North Korea has fallen into fantasy." I did.

(Photo = Yonhap News)