According to information from Europe 1, a young man of 18 was taken into custody for assaulting two young women in a street in Mulhouse on Wednesday afternoon.

He criticized one of them for wearing a "too short skirt".

Two young 20-year-old women were assaulted late Wednesday afternoon in the street in Mulhouse, in Haut-Rhin, by a man who accused one of them of wearing a "too short skirt".

According to information collected by Europe 1, the young woman first responded to the attacker, who slapped her.

No criminal record

Her friend intervened before being taken by the neck by the young man, who also caused the first victim to fall.

Quickly there, the police arrested the suspect.

He is an 18-year-old man with no criminal record.

He was taken into custody.

This attack echoes that of Elisabeth, a young 22-year-old Strasbourg woman.

This student filed a complaint on Sunday after being assaulted by three individuals.

They insulted her because she was wearing a skirt, before hitting her in the face.