In the spotlight: new anger in Louisville

Law enforcement personnel deployed to the streets of Louisville, Kentucky, September 23, 2020. AP / John Minchillo

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In the United States, anger is mounting again after the court's decision to indict just one of the three police officers who killed young African-American Breonna Taylor in Louisville last March.


New York Times

headlines the resumption of protests in several major US cities after the ruling.

Anger in Louisville,

 " read the

New York Post



How was this anger expressed?

You can find it in the local Louisville daily newspaper, the



One of its reporters accompanied the protesters gathered in Jefferson Square Park when the verdict was announced.

They couldn't believe it.

Only a police officer targeted by a charge, namely endangering the life of others, and a bond set at 15,000 dollars.


It shows that he is not going to spend a lot of time in prison,

 ” explains a protester.

Another yells: " 

But they still killed Breonna Taylor


Other people start to cry, says the reporter.

Before dispersing, the crowd begins to chant "no justice no peace", "no justice, no peace".


Washington Post

recalls that this judgment was preceded by an agreement on compensation for the victim's family, compensation to the tune of several million dollars, but all this money cannot make us forget that Breonna Taylor should not have had pass away.

In Brazil, a step forward to bring justice to the victims of the dictatorship

German car manufacturer Volkswagen will compensate former employees of its subsidiary in Brazil for human rights violations committed during the military regime.

According to the

Folha de Sao Paulo,

the agreement with the Brazilian justice provides for the payment of 36 million reais, or nearly 6.5 million dollars in compensation.

About half of this amount is intended for former employees and their families.

An independent investigation launched in 2015 by the German automaker came to the following conclusion: Volkswagen has cooperated with the repressive apparatus of the military regime, writes the Sao Paulo newspaper.

The ex-workers demanded repairs, arguing that Volkswagen's security service helped the dictatorship identify possible suspects who were later arrested and tortured.

An executive of the German company said that the manufacturer " 

regrets the violations and that it is important to take responsibility for this negative chapter in Brazilian history and to encourage transparency


According to a German historian quoted by the


news site

, this agreement is " 



This is the first time since World War II reparations that a German company has recognized the responsibility of its employees for human rights violations.

The agreement will be officially signed this Thursday, September 24.

Chavista entrepreneurs invest in Caribbean tourism

In the Dominican Republic, Venezuelan entrepreneurs close to Chavismo have invested heavily in tourism.

According to

Diario Libre

, this " 

clan of entrepreneurs

" who in the past had obtained important public contracts from the governments of Chavez and Maduro has launched a hotel project of 100 million dollars in Punta Cana, the center of Caribbean tourism .

This project dates from 2013, the year of the death of former President Hugo Chavez.

But for some entrepreneurs involved in these investments, the adventure has turned sour.

They are now in custody in Venezuela, accused among other things of money laundering.

Netanyahu washes his dirty laundry in Washington


Washington Post

reveals that the Israeli Prime Minister brought suitcases of dirty linens to every visit to the United States, asking that they be cleaned there.

This laundry service is available free to all heads of state and foreign government, but no one has used it as many times and with as many laundry as Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to the

Washington Post

, the prime minister has always refused to communicate the amount of his laundry bills to the Israeli public.


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