The Swedish star, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Italian Milan striker, did not give up his strange statements, even when he announced today, Thursday, that he was infected with the Corona virus, and as usual, his statements were well received internationally.

Ibrahimovic wrote in a tweet on his official page on Twitter, "The result of the Corona test yesterday was negative, and today it is positive, there are no symptoms at all, Corona had the courage to challenge me, it is a bad idea."

I tested negative to Covid yesterday and positive today.

No symptoms what so ever.

Covid had the courage to challenge me.

Bad idea

- Zlatan Ibrahimović (@Ibra_official) September 24, 2020

Ibrahimovic had previously tweeted with his usual strange, saying, "If the virus does not come to me, I will go to it," challenging Corona at the beginning of the global epidemic.

Al-Suwaidi's tweet received great popularity and ridicule on social networking sites, and international sports accounts and famous personalities interacted with it on Twitter, and the hashtag "Zlatan" was issued, the most popular on Twitter.

The comments came mostly sarcastically from Ibrahimovic's tweet in which he challenges Corona, as the (Barstool Sports) sports account wrote, "Zlatan is not afraid of Covid .. Covid is afraid of Zlatan."

Zlatan isn't scared of COVID.

COVID is scared of Zlatan.

- Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) September 24, 2020

As for the 433 Global Sports Account, he commented, "Let's take a minute of silence on COVID-19."

Let's take a minute of silence for COVID-19

- 433 (@ 433) September 24, 2020

British actor and director Chris Addison asked, "Will the world be rid of Covid now?"

Is… is he going to rid the world of Covid now?

- Chris Addison (@mrchrisaddison) September 24, 2020

Meanwhile, Indian international photographer Rohan Shrestha responded to Ibra's tweet saying "hero".


- Rohan Shrestha (@RohanShrestha) September 24, 2020

Interesting outlook from @Ibra_official 👀

- Michael Corcoran (@MichaelC_RTE) September 24, 2020

COVID in for the fight of it's life.


- Football Tweet (@Football__Tweet) September 24, 2020

You would honestly have to pay me millions to sit down and have a meal with him

- Amitai Winehouse (@ awinehouse1) September 24, 2020

Covid tested positive with Sultan Zlatn not vice versa

- Haitham El-Tabei (@Haithamtabei) September 24, 2020

Zlatan being Zlatan.

- Amazon Prime Video Sport (@primevideosport) September 24, 2020