Nanterre (AFP)

More than four months after the birth of her 2nd child, 2016 Olympic champion Estelle Mossely returns to the rings against another Frenchwoman, Aurélie Froment, on Friday in Paris, and shares the bill with Tony Yoka, a first among the pros for the golden couple of Rio 2016.

Q: How was the resumption of training after giving birth?

A: "It was a lot easier than the first pregnancy because I trained until I was seven months pregnant. The first few days I thought I was never going to be able to resume, but at the end of the day. one week ten days, the automatisms quickly returned and the preparation went very well, without a hitch and without injury, which makes me ready for the 8 rounds. I had two months of preparation with in addition medical follow-up because it was very close to childbirth. "

Q: What is the objective for this comeback fight?

A: "It's a fight to restart things. The idea is to defend my world belt again afterwards (IBO lightweights which it has held since June 2019, Editor's note). We should not take too many risks , but it was not necessary either to make an unbalanced fight. Aurélie Froment is the good boxer for this fight of recovery, in the category above since, because of my pregnancy, I could not afford to lose a lot of kilos in a short time."

Q: Is it a plus to fight in the same meeting as Tony Yoka?

A: "It reminds us of the 2016 Olympics but in a different universe, that of professionals. Being in the same evening, it made things easier for us to organize since we have the same team, the same coaches. The preparation, we both did it, we saw each other's efforts, so we both expect to win. "

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