The warning and reminder has been written countless times, but apparently it is worth rewriting.

The corona is not over.

The danger is not over.

It affects us all, including young people.

Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapaavuori (Coalition Party) held an almost interview with young adults on Wednesday.

He appealed that the corona recommendations now be “really adults” followed.

And then he said the same more directly: if things don’t work out otherwise, the bars will close.

There is cover for concern, as a joint release from STM and THL said on Thursday that about half of the corona cases have now been diagnosed in people under 30 years of age.

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Infection of a young person comes in bars, nightclubs and student parties when a little generalized.

Youth and student life include freedom.

It is unfortunate that young people cannot live as they should now, but times are by no means normal.

There is a certain illusion of immortality associated with youth, but it is not worth lulling into it either.

Corona is a serious virus.

All you have to do is look at Europe and you will see how Korona has started to spread again.

Spain, France, Britain, all of them will become very worrying corona news.

In Spain in particular, the finger of accusation also points to young people, as they do not mind not coming together and celebrating.

Korona is sad that all things are intertwined.

In the spring, health was clearly ahead, and society was virtually closed.

No one wants such a situation anymore.

Isolation takes precedence over health, and economic life can no longer withstand another lockout.

If companies go bankrupt or layoffs and layoffs accelerate, that too will start to go over the health of individuals.

Financial worries get sick.

Politicians and officials have to balance in the midst of all these cross-pressures.

Young people should also think about their own future.

There are many studies that show that, especially in times of economic upheaval, those entering the labor market suffer from the situation for a long time.

It was shown by the recession of the 1990s and by the financial crisis.

It’s hard to combine a party with friends and your own work situation in a few years.

But the connection exists.

The wider Korona spreads and the longer this state of emergency continues, the more certain the effects will be visible.

Individuals are responsible for themselves.

The activities of individuals create a whole from which none of us can escape.

Therefore, everyone needs to think about the consequences of their own actions.