Russian opponent Alexei Navalny was placed in intensive care in serious condition -

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Accounts and part of the apartment of opponent Alexeï Navalny were frozen by Russian bailiffs, when he was in a coma after suspected poisoning at the end of August, said his spokesman, Kira Iarmych, on Thursday.

According to Kira Iarmych, Russian justice froze on August 27 the share held by Alexeï Navalny of his apartment in Moscow.

Therefore this accommodation "can no longer be sold, given or mortgaged," she explained in a video, adding that the opponent's accounts had also been frozen.

A dispute with a sulphurous businessman

Kira Iarmych said that the opponent, currently in Germany after being hospitalized in Berlin, could nevertheless "continue to live" in this apartment for the time being, if he returned to Russia.

According to her, these court decisions are linked to a dispute between a sulphurous businessman, reputed to be close to the Kremlin, Evgueni Prigojine, and Alexeï Navalny and one of his allies, Lioubov Sobol.

In October, the two opponents and their anti-corruption organization were ordered to pay nearly 88 million rubles (978,000 euros at the current rate) to a school catering company.

The company sued Alexeï Navalny and his organization after the publication of an investigation claiming that it had served food dangerous to the health of schoolchildren.

Alexeï Navalny, still recovering in Germany

Nicknamed “Putin's cook”, Evgueni Prigojine is said to have compensated this company and intends to be reimbursed from opponents.

On August 26, he had indicated in a press release that he would "ruin" Alexeï Navalny, if he survived.

Anti-corruption activist and fierce critic of the Kremlin, Alexeï Navalny fell seriously ill on August 20 on a plane in Siberia.

Three European laboratories have concluded that it was poisoned with a Novichok-type nerve agent, designed for military purposes in Soviet times.

Charges rejected by Moscow.

The opponent was released Tuesday from the Charité hospital in Berlin where he had been treated for a month.

He will stay in Germany immediately for the rest of his convalescence.


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