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Police may make temporary accelerated testing

Police have today


that agents can temporarily tested accelerated.

According to the police, the work of the officers has a direct impact on the safety of civilians.

The tests are conducted by a commercial company and are not at the expense of the current test capacity of the GGDs.

In the press release, the police emphasize that this is a temporary arrangement.

The force management is still looking for a structural solution.

2 hours ago

United Kingdom tightens travel advice for Denmark, Slovakia, Curaçao and Iceland

Travelers arriving in England from Denmark, Curaçao Slovakia and Iceland are obliged to self-quarantine from Saturday for fourteen days, the British Minister for Transport Grant Shapps said on Twitter.

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Cabinet wants to lower corona fine and delete entry from criminal record

The cabinet wants people who violate the corona rules not to get a criminal record.

The judicial record of persons who have already been fined will be deleted.

The amount of the fine will also be reduced, sources from The Hague confirm after




The cabinet will make a decision on this in the Council of Ministers on Friday.

It is not yet clear to

what amount

the fine of 390 euros will be reduced.

It has also not yet been decided whether the fines already handed out will be compensated.

4 hours ago

106 corona patients in intensive care, 2 more than yesterday

The number of corona patients in intensive care (ic) is 106. That is two patients more than yesterday. 

Chairman of the National Network Acute Care Ernst Kuipers says that the number of corona patients admitted throughout the country is increasing.

"The National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution spreads patients in order to distribute the crowds in the hospitals as evenly as possible," says Kuipers.

4 hours ago

Almost all GGDs place contact investigation partly in the hands of corona patients.

21 of the 25 GGDs in the Netherlands place the source and contact investigation partly in the hands of corona patients themselves.

Due to the large numbers of positive tests, the employees of the GGDs no longer have access to it themselves.

A spokesman for the umbrella GGD informed about this after reporting by the 



In recent weeks, more and more GGDs have switched to such a "

risk-based method


Employees still call the positively tested persons and vulnerable persons in their environment, but residents with a lower risk profile must be called by the corona patient.

They will still receive a written notification from the GGD.

5 hours ago

Museums suffer a loss of 300 million euros in turnover due to corona crisis

Dutch museums will


more than 300 million euros in income in 2020 as a result of the corona crisis, the Museum Association calculates on Thursday.

In the first half of 2020, the affiliated museums lost at least 133 million euros in income from ticket sales, catering, shops and other activities.

For the last six months of this year, a loss of 169 million euros is estimated.

The amount can increase even further if sponsors and private funds withdraw.

Total museum visits decreased drastically in the first half of 2020 compared to the year before.

This was a decrease of no less than

10.5 million visits

, of which 6 million visits by tourists.

5 hours ago

Largest number of deceased corona patients (16) since May, 2,552 new positive tests

The number of positive corona


increased by 2,552 on Thursday, according to data from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment.

There were also 25 new hospital admissions and 16 deaths.

The number of reported deaths is the largest since May, according to data from the RIVM.

In the past seven days,

more than 15,000 people have been tested positive

for the corona virus.

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5 hours ago

France: Again more than a thousand corona patients in intensive care

For the first time since June 8,

more than a thousand corona patients are in intensive care

in France.

The French Ministry of Health announced this today.

The number of hospital admissions also increased by 136 to almost 6,000.

Because the number of infections in France is going in the wrong direction, the government in Paris has already announced new restrictions.

For example, the bars in the capital have to close from Monday at 10 p.m.

And in Marseille, the second city in the country, all catering establishments will be locked.

6 hours ago

GGD chairman warns against test initiatives by schools and police

GGD-GHOR chairman André Rouvoet thinks it is a bad development that organizations such as the police and primary schools are starting their own initiatives to have their staff tested for the corona virus due to the long waiting times at the GGD.

"There is an erroneous impression that there is a different commercial market. Sometimes it concerns the same materials of which we already have a shortage at the GGD test lanes. We now compete with each other over the same test materials," he said today on NPO Radio 1.

The only difference, he says, is that a higher price is paid on the commercial market.

"Now we sometimes get less than agreed."

6 hours ago

Bali residents test whether the island can allow holidaymakers again

More than four thousand residents of Bali test at the request of the government whether the corona protocols that have been drawn up for tourism actually work in practice.

According to the Indonesian Tourism Bureau, 4,440 participants in the tourism test will be divided into 12 groups.

In the period between October 7 and November 27, they will spend two nights in different resorts per group to test the corona measures in practice.

Local trips are also undertaken and participants are expected to make videos of these and share them on social media.

Tourism in Indonesia was completely shut down in April.

The country is highly dependent on tourism revenues.

7 hours ago


hospital employees

test positive after farewell party

At the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Zwijndrecht, at least six employees have been tested positive for the corona virus.

They probably got infected during a farewell meeting for a disbanded department.

About thirty employees attended the meeting last Friday.

The others can continue to work, according to the hospital, as long as they keep a close eye on their health. 

Meetings that are not about healthcare are no longer allowed in the hospital.

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7 hours ago

Abroad overview


  • Iran

    : The death toll rose to over 25,000 by 175 deaths in the past 24 hours, the health ministry announced today.

    More than 3,500 Iranians have tested positive for the corona virus in the past 24 hours.

  • Indonesia

    : Over 4,600 new positive cases were added in the past 24 hours.

    That is the largest daily increase to date in the Asian country.

  • United Kingdom

    : More than nineteen thousand Britons tested positive for the virus between 10 and 16 September.

    That is three times as many as in the last week of August, reports the British health authority NHS.

    Yesterday, the country reported more than 6,100 new infections, the largest number since May 1, but the testing capacity has also been increased.

  • Russia

    : The number of infections is also rising rapidly in Russia.

    In the past 24 hours, approximately 6,600 new cases were added.

    That is the largest increase in two months.

    In Moscow alone, there were more than a thousand reported infections.

  • The situation in

    Finland is also


    After several months of relative calm, the Scandinavian country warned on Thursday that the corona epidemic in the country is accelerating and is heading in "alarming direction".

    The number of new cases has doubled to 798 in the past two weeks.

7 hours ago

EU: Countries must step up corona measures 'immediately'

The countries of the European Union must step up corona measures 'immediately' as a new wave of infections is washing across the continent.

"It may be our last chance to avert last spring's situation," warns responsible EU Commissioner Stella Kyriakides.

In some EU Member States it is already worse than it was during last spring's peak, Kyriakides notes.

That is what the EU Health Commissioner is "concerned".

"The measures taken are not working well enough, or are not being enforced or followed up as they should."

Countries should also fight false information about the virus, says the EU commissioner.

7 hours ago

Corona epidemic Finland accelerates, Helsinki airport relies on detection dogs

To keep the virus outside the national borders, four detection dogs are active at the airport of the capital Helsinki, which have been trained to recognize the corona virus in travelers.

Ten other dogs are still being trained to do the same work.

Preliminary tests by veterinarians at the University of Helsinki indicate that the dogs' sensitive noses are able to smell the presence of the virus.

In addition, they can do this well before the symptoms are visible.

"A dog only needs ten to a hundred molecules to identify the virus, while testing equipment requires eighteen million virus particles," the airport said.

The four-legged friends do not come into direct contact with humans.

Travelers get a cloth swept over their skin, which the 'COVID-19 dog' sniffs at in a separate room.

"We are among the pioneers," says airport director Ulla Lettijeff.

"To our knowledge, no other airport has attempted to use dogs' sense of smell on such a large scale against COVID-19."

(Photo: ANP)

8 hours ago

King will not go to Germany due to corona measures.

King Willem-Alexander will no longer go for a working visit to Germany on 29 September.

Due to the German corona measures, in consultation with the authorities in the country, it has been decided to postpone the visit for the time being, according to the Government Information Service.

Due to the corona virus, travelers from the province of South Holland, where the king lives, have travel restrictions.

They must be preventively tested for the virus or be quarantined for fourteen days after arrival.

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8 hours ago

Sinterklaas also quietly passes Limburg Sinterklaas tours

in North and Central Limburg have been banned this year due to the corona crisis.

The mayors of the fifteen municipalities and the North Limburg Safety Region decided to do so.

The security region refers to the RIVM regulations and the "alarming rise" in the number of infections.

"Traditional entries and parades during the Sinterklaas period are difficult or impossible to organize with the current guidelines to prevent the spread of the corona virus."

According to the security region, compliance with the measures, such as keeping 1.5 meters from each other and a ban on singing or shouting, "cannot be sufficiently guaranteed".

It is not the case that the Saint is no longer welcome in this part of Limburg.

His arrival must then be on a small scale or virtual.

'Transfer meetings' are also a possibility.

"We understand that there is a need for this and there are opportunities", the safety region says.

Sinterklaas tours have already been canceled in many municipalities due to the corona measures.

However, several municipalities do hold alternative, 'corona-suitable' entries.

The national entry will continue, but will take place without an audience.

The location where the Saint will be welcomed will therefore not be disclosed, the



last week.

8 hours ago

8 hours ago

Austrian winter sports season continues, but without après-ski

The winter sports season in Austria can continue, but without après-ski.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced this at a press conference on Thursday.

The number of positive corona tests has been steadily increasing in Austria in recent weeks.

That is why Kurz wants to make the winter sports season as safe as possible.


Ski fun yes, but without après-ski

", said the chancellor.

In addition, it is mandatory to keep your distance in ski gondolas and to wear a mouth mask

9 hours ago

Travel industry is going further and further to entice travelers to book anyway

Airlines, but also travel organizations are going further and further in their attempts to entice consumers to book a trip.

For example, Ryanair announced on Thursday that customers will receive

a ticket as a gift

when booking a ticket.

KLM previously announced that consumers who book a trip with a departure somewhere between now and the end of March next year, can cancel it at any time and without giving a reason.

They will then receive a voucher that they can exchange for another ticket or money.

Tour operator Sunweb announced on Thursday that people can also get their money back immediately if they have booked a trip to a destination that turns 'orange' or 'red' within two weeks before departure.

Until now, travel organizations have initially offered a voucher where appropriate.

10 hours ago

A Japanese artist has created a face mask that resembles a bowl of noodle soup.

When his glasses fog up, it looks like vapor is coming from the bowl.

Japanese artist wears 'bowl of noodle soup' as a mouth mask

12 hours ago

Israeli lockdown measures to be tightened

The current lockdown measures in Israel will be tightened tomorrow, the cabinet has decided.

During the lockdown, according to local media, only companies in necessary sectors are allowed to continue their activities.

In addition, it would also have been decided to keep the schools closed.

Israelis are currently only permitted to be further than 1 kilometer from home for a limited number of activities, including work and shopping.

According to the media, this distance will also apply to demonstrations.

This will most likely end the protests at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's official residence.

The politician has long been under fire for alleged corruption.

The lockdown is getting stricter due to the increase in the number of new infections in Israel.

Despite the measure, the daily number has risen to nearly seven thousand.

The new lockdown was introduced on September 18 to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

The first lockdown was relaxed in May, after which a second wave of infections was observed.

In total, Israel has more than 200,000 infections and 1,318 deaths.

13 hours ago

Corona infection again at a mink company


corona infection has been established

at a mink company in the Limburg village of America.

This increases the total number of infected mink farms to 56. The national government reports that the company in America, which has about four thousand mother animals, will be cleared as soon as possible.

The coronavirus was found after a report of symptoms in the animals.

13 hours ago

No train traffic is possible on the route between Dordrecht and Dordrecht Stadspolders until at least 9 a.m.

Rail operator ProRail reports that this is because a staff shortage has arisen.

Train traffic controllers stay at home because of the corona virus if they have minor health problems.

Trains cannot run between Dordrecht and Dordrecht Stadspolders until at least 9 a.m.

As a precaution, train traffic controllers do not work if they already have minor health complaints.

This has resulted in a temporary staff shortage at the regional air traffic control center


Avatar Author ProRail Moment of places 07: 11 - September 24, 2020

13 hours ago

13 hours ago

Life of Brit who raised millions for care will be filmed

There will be a film adaptation of the life of British war veteran Tom Moore.

At the beginning of this year, he raised nearly 33 million pounds (around 36 million euros) for healthcare in the United Kingdom.

He did this by walking a hundred laps in his garden for his 100th birthday.


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14 hours ago

Project leader corona tests: Attack by rapidly increasing demand for tests

Every day, thousands of Dutch people are at home with a snot nose, while they can only go more than 100 kilometers away for a corona test.

The lack of capacity in the laboratories must be resolved by October.

Edwin Boel, project leader of the National Coordination Team Diagnostic Chain (LCDK), says in conversation with that he has been surprised by the rapidly increasing demand for tests.



the whole interview.


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More than two thousand people tested positive in Germany 

The number of positive tests in Germany has been set at 2,143 in the past 24 hours, reports the Robert Koch-Institut (RKI), the German RIVM.

A day earlier, 1,769 cases were reported.

The total in Germany now stands at 278,070.

The number of deaths increased by 19 in the past 24 hours, so that there are now a total of 9,428 Germans who have died from the consequences of the corona virus.

19 hours ago

Cabinet: Regional teams will guide people who lose

their jobs Regional mobility


must guide people who have lost their jobs due to the corona crisis in finding a new job, write Minister Wouter Koolmees and State Secretary Bas van 't Wout of Social Affairs and Employment on Wednesday evening. a letter to the House of Representatives.

The House will debate on Thursday about the third support package for companies and the self-employed who are in trouble due to the crisis.

Many people are losing their jobs due to the corona crisis, but there is work in many other sectors.

Municipalities, the UWV benefits agency and social partners therefore work together in the regional teams to help people find other work.

The cabinet is making a total of 1.4 billion euros available to guide people who lose their jobs to new work.






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19 hours ago

Corona crisis costs 7 billion euros in revenues from services

exports The corona crisis has also affected international trade in services.

In the second quarter, Dutch entrepreneurs exported 7.4 billion euros less in services abroad, according to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) on Thursday.

Services exports fell by 12 percent compared to the same quarter last year.

Imports of services were 17 percent lower.

Especially in the travel sector, international trade declined.

Spending by foreign travelers in the Netherlands in the second quarter was more than 75 percent lower than twelve months previously;

Dutch travelers abroad even spent about 90 percent less.





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20 hours ago

Complete lockdown in Israel 

from Friday In Israel, a "complete lockdown" of at least two weeks will apply from Friday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced in a video message on Wednesday evening.

Since last Friday, a tightened lockdown was already in effect.

For example, entertainment restrictions and schools are closed.

In this way, overloading of the healthcare system must be avoided.

Hospital directors previously warned that capacity limits were in sight. 

In Israel, 6,950 people were tested positive for the coronavirus on Tuesday, a day record.

The number of corona tests is actually decreasing.

Meanwhile, 11.7 percent of the residents who get tested are tested positive.

20 hours ago

More than 33,000 new positive tests in Brazil 

In Brazil, 33,281 people have been tested positive for the corona virus since yesterday.

The local Ministry of Health also reports 869 new deaths.

The new figures are comparable to the day before when 33,536 people were tested positive and 836 new deaths were recorded. 

In total, 4,624,885 Brazilians have now tested positive.

138,977 inhabitants have so far died from the effects of the virus.

Brazil is one of the worst affected countries worldwide.

yesterday at 11:39 PM

Germany also puts the province of Utrecht on the list of risk areas

In addition to North Holland and South Holland, Utrecht is now the third province on the German list of risk areas, reports the

Robert Koch Institute (RKI)


People who want to go to Germany from these provinces must present a negative test no older than 48 hours.

Travelers who cannot do this must be quarantined for fourteen days.

Quarantine can be lifted if the test is negative.

yesterday at 11:38 PM

Today's main corona news:


  • This week, the risk level in eight regions will be adjusted from 'vigilant' to 'worrisome', various media report Wednesday, based on sources in The Hague.

    These are the safety regions of Brabant-North, Brabant-Southeast, Gooi and Vechtstreek, Gelderland-South, Gelderland-Midden, Zaanstreek-Waterland, Flevoland and Groningen.

  • The Netherlands passed the 100,000 positive corona tests on Wednesday.

    The number of people who tested positive for the coronavirus increased by 2,357 to 100,597 in the last 24 hours.

  • The number of corona patients in Dutch intensive care units (ICs) has increased by 13 to 104. Outside the ICU, 371 corona patients are in hospital, 42 more than Tuesday.

    This brings the number of IC admissions to the alarm level, because there are on average more than ten admissions per day.

    The exceeding of a signal value could be a sign for the cabinet to intervene, said Minister Hugo de Jonge at the launch of the corona dashboard in June.

    Currently, there are an average of 10.3 admissions per day.

  • The numbers in ICs and in hospitals continue to rise rapidly, says chairman of the National Acute Care Network (LNAZ) Ernst Kuipers.

    "Currently at more than 10 percent per day. This puts regular care in various regions under pressure. Fourteen patients have been relocated through the Netherlands since this morning, one of whom is IC patient.

  • Shopping centers in inner cities outside the Randstad have been hit hardest by the COVID-19 outbreak, according to research firm Locatus.

    The inner cities of Zwolle, Den Bosch, Roermond and Goes, among others, have been severely affected by the corona crisis.

  • The Rotterdam college announced on Wednesday that it would support Diergaarde Blijdorp with a loan of 10 million euros.

    The zoo badly needs the financial help to avoid bankruptcy.


  • In Brazil, 33,536 people have been tested positive for the corona virus since yesterday.

    That is more than 20,000 more than the day before, when 13,439 people were tested positive.

    The number of deceased corona patients more than doubled from 377 yesterday to 836 today.

    Brazil is one of the hardest hit countries worldwide.

  • The Robert Koch-Institut (RKI), the German equivalent of the RIVM, has reported 1,769 positive tests in Germany as of yesterday.

    That is slightly less than the day before when 1,821 people were tested positive for the virus.

  • Restaurants and cafes in the French city of Marseille must close due to the rapidly increasing number of corona infections, French Health Minister Olivier Véran reports Wednesday evening.

    In addition, opening hours are limited in several cities, including Paris.

    In France, the number of infections is rising sharply. 

  • In Belgium, easing has been announced today and will take effect on October 1.

    Mouth masks are only mandatory in public places if 1.5 distances cannot be kept.

    In addition, the so-called 'bubble of five', whereby a household had to limit close contacts to a fixed group of people, will disappear.

    From 1 October, you may have close monthly contact with a maximum of five people on an individual level.

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