Yang Yingsen: The hero's life blooms with flowers-singing the hero's hymn under the memorial tower of the War of Resistance Against America and Aid Korea

  In September of Golden Autumn, I was invited to Dandong and boarded the Yinghua Mountain by the Yalu River.

  Overlooking the mountain, the Yalu River flows quietly, and the "Yalu River Broken Bridge" across the river is scarred by bullets, silently showing people a great leap 70 years ago, recording the years of the war.

  "Brilliant and high-spirited, crossing the Yalu River, protecting peace and defending the motherland, is to protect my hometown..." The majestic "Chinese People's Volunteers Battle Hymn" seemed to ring in my ears.

  Seventy years ago, millions of good sons and daughters of China crossed the Yalu River from this bridge, and started the gunshots of resisting U.S. aid to Korea, defending the country, and safeguarding world peace and human justice.

  October 25th is the anniversary of the Chinese People's Volunteers' going abroad to fight against the US and aid Korea.

After a new round of reconstruction and expansion, the Memorial Hall to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea on Yinghua Mountain reopened on September 19 on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the War of Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea.

  Entering the Memorial Hall to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, there are more than 1,000 precious historical pictures and more than 20,000 precious cultural relics. I saw the bloody battles in Songgu Peak, Changjin Lake, Qingchuan River, Shangganling, Liangshui Cave, Yunshan City and other major battles. The sacrificed volunteers saw the heroic deeds of more than 300,000 combat heroes such as Mao Anying, Yang Gensi, Huang Jiguang, Qiu Shaoyun, and the American generals who were dejected in front of the Chinese people and signed the armistice agreement.

  Zhang Xiaoying, the deputy curator of the Memorial Hall to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, who accompanied me on the tour, told me that the great victory in the War of Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea shows that the Chinese nation has the courage to fight the aggressors to the end and the Chinese people are invincible.

  Jin Jun, political commissar of the Dandong Army Division, told me that Sun Jingkun, Zhang Hengzhi, and Xie Changping, several living volunteer veterans, used their indifferent fame and fortune in the “Hero City Hunting for Heroes” activity held recently in Dandong City to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Korean War to Resist US Aid Korea. 、Let us remember these "loveliest people" forever on the battlefield.

  On Yinghua Mountain, a memorial tower inlaid with Comrade Deng Xiaoping's name for the Korean War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea rises to the sky.

  Standing under the memorial tower, I remembered Zhang Hengzhi, who had grasped the phone line broken by the artillery with both hands to ensure smooth communication. I seemed to hear the heart-warming call in the movie "Children of Heroes": "Fire at me for victory!"

  Stand, stand in silence, and salute!

It was nearly 3 million volunteer soldiers and nearly 200,000 volunteer soldiers who, with their fearless revolutionary spirit and their own flesh and blood, set up an immortal monument in the history of the Chinese nation.

Eternal spirit

  In Shangganling, on this hilltop position of only 3.7 square kilometers, the volunteers and the invading army fought repeatedly and fought desperately for 43 days.

The enemy's artillery, tanks, and aircraft took turns attacking. The hilltop was cut 2 meters low by artillery fire. The Volunteer Army's position was still like a copper wall and iron wall, finally forcing the enemy to stop its large-scale offensive plan.

  In the Battle of Shangganling, 38 heroes such as Huang Jiguang and Sun Zhanyuan died with the enemy; in the tunnel of Shangganling, volunteer soldiers "fried noodles and snow"; during the Battle of Changjin Lake, volunteers and soldiers lay prone in a bunker at minus 40 degrees Celsius for more than 10 days.

When these frozen heroes were discovered, they still held steel guns in their hands and maintained a battle formation.

  The bloody battle between the Chinese People’s Volunteers and the Korean People’s Army forced the aggressors to sign the Korean Armistice Agreement on July 27, 1953. The two years and nine months of resistance to US aggression and aid to North Korea ended.

  Cui Peng, an officer of the Political Work Office of the Military Subdistrict, who accompanied me on the interview, told me that the resistance to U.S. aggression and aid to North Korea has played out China's national prestige, the Chinese People's Volunteers' military prestige, and the great Chinese nation’s spirit of resisting U.S. aggression and aid to Korea.

  Ms. Zhang Mei, a senior commentator at the Memorial Hall to Resist U.S. Aid and Aid Korea, said that the spirit of Resist U.S. Aid Korea is the patriotism that the interests of the motherland and the people are above all else; the revolutionary heroism that is brave and tenacious and sacrifices life and death; the revolutionary optimism that is not afraid of hardships and hardships; for the motherland And the revolutionary loyalty spirit of the people willing to contribute, and the international spirit of peace and justice for mankind.

  Before recruits from the Dandong Army Division recently enlisted in the army, representatives of the recruits visited the "Shangganling Hero" Sun Jingkun at the Dandong Glory Academy. Sun Jingkun happily told the new soldiers who will enter the barracks that as a veteran of the Korean War, I hope you will follow the party's command. He practiced hard, "carry forward the spirit of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea." With a solemn military salute, he expressed his expectations to the young new soldiers.

Powerful motivation

  The concluding remarks of the Exhibition Hall of the Anti-U.S. Aid Korea Memorial Hall is the request of General Secretary Xi Jinping: We must combine the promotion of the great spirit of anti-US aggression and aid Korea with the promotion of the national spirit with patriotism as the core and the spirit of the times with reform and innovation as the core, in order to win the comprehensive construction of a well-off society. Renew the victory of the society, and make unremitting efforts to uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics.

  One of my old comrades-in-arms Song Jizhong who has just retired from the leadership position in Dandong City Government told me that the great spirit of resisting US aggression and aid Korea has provided a strong impetus for the development of Dandong, and the Dandong people have also enriched the spirit of resisting US aggression and aid Korea. New content.

  Zheng Ze, Director of the Political Work Office of the Dandong Military Division, introduced to me that on February 4 this year, Zhan Li, the party secretary of the Dongxingyuan Community in Donggang City, Dandong received a call on the front line of the anti-epidemic. The caller was living in a welfare institution, Tang Jirun, a veteran soldier who participated in the Liberation War and the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea.

The 92-year-old Tang Jirun told Zhan Li that he would donate 10,000 yuan of savings to the community: "The whole country is working hard to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and community work is even harder. I am an old party member and I can do this. ."

  At the beginning of this year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic broke out.

The political commissar Jin Jun of the military division told me that Dandong citizens and people from all walks of life participated in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Dandong medical staff signed up to support the "Wuhan Defense War" actively, and the scene of participating in the anti-US aid to Korea and signing up for the volunteer army in historical pictures. exactly the same.

  Gao Ying, deputy director of the Political Work Bureau of the Liaoning Provincial Military Region, said that the anti-epidemic spirit is the inheritance and promotion of the spirit of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea in the new era.

  In the cemetery of the martyrs in Dandong to resist US aggression and aid Korea, the pines and cypresses are green.

I presented a bunch of flowers to the heroes of the volunteer army and sang the familiar "Anthem of Heroes" softly: "The People's Soldiers drive tigers and leopards and give up their lives to preserve peace. Why is the battle flag so picturesque and the hero's blood stained her? ; Why does the earth always spring, and the hero's life blooms with flowers..."