Duchess Meghan’s pants were admired on social media less than a month ago.

For her interview with Gloria Steinem, she wore a more casual look than has been the case at representation events in recent years.

In addition to the white t-shirt and cylinder hat, attention was paid especially to Anine Bing's white, striped pants.

The loose and wide wide trouser model is always stylish and flattering: with wide legs, for example, you can trick the wide hips a little narrower if you want.

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    Taija’s pictures clearly show how the choice affects the body

Try pants in different colors in the fall, for example with a neat shirt or your favorite sweater, and Finish the style with ankle boots, for example.

€ 21.99, Vero Moda. Picture: Vero Moda

58.45 €, S. Oliver / Zalando.Photo: Zalando

€ 52.99, Asos.Photo: Asos

€ 59.99, Villa.Photo: Villa

€ 39.95, Vero Moda / Zalando. Picture: Zalando

€ 27.95, Vero Moda. Image: Vero Moda

€ 14.99, H & M.Picture: H&M

€ 25.55, New Look / Asos. Picture: Asos

€ 464.95, Proenza Schouler / Zalando. Picture: Zalando

€ 27.95, Asos. Picture: Asos