- The video shows when this strangler laughs while he strangles my brother.

I can't watch the video to the end.

This is how Noora tells of her little brother at the Kytöpuisto school about the assault a week ago.

The suspected assault was filmed on video and has spread on the Snapchat service, among others.

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The short video that Ilta-Sanomat takes over shows the boy knocking the victim to the ground, taking the boy's neck loop and starting to strangle him.

At least three other boys and a videographer gather around.

One of the boys kicks the victim lying on the ground in the back.

- The text has the text “hahahaaa”.

I was that okay, this world is sick, Sister Noora says in shock.

The situation ends with the victim remaining motionless lying on the ground and an adult man wearing an attention vest coming on the scene.

He asks what the boy is in trouble for.

Someone around says, "It has asthma and it died."

The man still asks if the boy has epilepsy or some disease.

The 11-year-old victim was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Fortunately, the boy's injuries were not serious.

Kytöpuisto school is located in Havukoski, Vantaa. Photo: Markku Ulander

The work is currently suspected by four students.

As the suspects in the act are only 12–13 years old, no criminal investigation has been launched into the case, but it is now being investigated in the preventive activities of the Eastern Uusimaa police.

Kytöpuisto School, on the other hand, has begun preparations for disciplinary action.

According to police, the situation has been serious.

- After all, the situation is always serious if a person is dumped on the ground and subjected to violence, says Director of Investigation Simo Kauppinen from the Eastern Uusimaa Police.

According to Kauppinen, the assault video is in the possession of the police and the course of events and possible history and backgrounds are being clarified.

- The measures are at their best.

Whenever it comes to children and young people, there is, of course, a duty to try to take care of things as soon as they are all still fresh in memory.

The matter is being taken forward between the school and the various authorities.

- Police have contacted stakeholders and the school and other authorities, including social services.

The aim, of course, is to find out and break the possible cycle of violence.

We do everything we can to resolve and improve the situation, says Kauppinen.

- The idea here is to try to tell and show young people that the act is reprehensible and at least it would not happen again.

That rebuke alone is not necessarily enough, but it would be important for the child or young person to understand the matter on a concrete level, Kauppinen continues.

Police are also calling for home responsibility.

- At the same time, in multi-professional co-operation, the aim is to support the home so that these discussions take place at home as well, because the home is, however, the place where everything starts.

That's where its basic education should come from, Kauppinen says.

The violence took place during the break. Photo: Markku Ulander

The 11-year-old victim’s adult sister Noora tells IS that last night her brother didn’t sleep at all.

- Brother didn't sleep at all last night when we have that meeting at school today.

He doesn't want to go to school there.

The conversation is forced to go to school and he unfortunately has to come there so the police can interview him.

- It's absurd that this is done at school.

Who the person wants to return to such a situation, Noora wonders.

The sister earnestly hopes the school will address the situation.

- It is not possible to do nothing and hopefully the school will bear its responsibilities and will not loosen, as they usually do.

Noora can't say how her brother's schooling now continues.

- He was allowed to pick up his book and computer from school so he could study something.

He likes to study really much and wants good numbers, but he’s kind of empty at home and waiting for some transfer to come.

- Will he then be transferred to the next school next door.

I don’t know if it benefits anything when, after all, bullies can walk from a school yard to another school yard.

According to Noora, the best solution would be home schooling and then a possible school exchange.

- The best thing that could happen would be for him to be in home school for a couple of months.

After that I would look at that school because not after such an event but to go to school again and it is presented that everything is fine.

Noora says the bullying has been going on for more than two months.

No progress

In the evening, Noora tells Ilta-Sanomat that the meeting at the school in the afternoon did not go well from the family's point of view.

He himself was not even admitted, even though it had been agreed.

Noora says that no progress has been made in clarifying the matter.

Not all parties were even present at the meeting, he says.

In addition, he wonders that students suspected of assault have not been expelled from school.

- Not even temporarily.

It reportedly requires more people to go through this.

- I think it just went under the bench.

Noora's father, for his part, tells Ilta-Sanomat that the family is currently considering legal action against the school.