Miro Heiskanen thanks Dallas as the leading star of the Finnish Quartet in the ongoing Stanley Cup finals.

21-year-old Heiskanen knew what was to come in the spring, when the possible continuation of the season after the corona break was still obscured.

- It felt like we could have gone all the way to the end already last spring (2019).

It was a pretty good gang at the time, and the little one was caught (in the 2nd round of the playoffs) against St. Louis, Game seven could have turned in either, Heiskanen said in an interview with the Stanley Cup Classics podcast in May.

- Got a little more experience for this season, and I think a good mahis would be, or would have been, this season as well (go all the way to the end).

Now does not know, games will continue or not, but I'm pretty happy with it, what kind of gang is together, Heiskanen said in the spring.

The NHL returned to action in late summer, and Heiskanen in particular has been unattended in the trough.

It remains to be seen whether there will be enough torque against Tampa Bay until the Stanley Cup.

In the podcast, for example, Heiskanen also talked about how young the NHL began to feel like a realistic goal instead of a dream, and that his clear goal is to grow into the Norris Trophy winner, the best defender in the entire NHL series.

The entire interview can be listened to at Supla.