EU Member States Accept Conflicting Refugees Proposing New System September 24, 7:23

The EU-European Union has proposed a new system for accepting refugees that the member states have been in conflict with, including undertaking procedures for repatriating refugees who have not been recognized as refugees.

Among the EU member states, Italy and Greece are geographically close to the Middle East and Africa and have been flooded with refugees and immigrants, so they have asked each country to share the acceptance as "a heavy burden", but some such as Poland and Hungary. The country has rejected this and has become a major issue for the EU.

In response to this situation, the European Commission, the EU executive body, proposed a new system to each country on the 23rd.

The proposal calls on member countries to share a fair share, but if they do not wish to be accepted, they are required to undertake procedures to repatriate those who have not been recognized as refugees.

The proposed chairman, Von der Leyen, emphasized the significance of "rebuilding mutual trust among member countries and regaining the trust of citizens," and hopes to reach an agreement among the countries.

Of the member states, Italy welcomes the proposal immediately, but the countries that have refused to accept refugees so far seem to be reluctant and the conflict cannot be resolved.