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authorities held a countermeasure meeting last week ahead of the release of Jo Doo-soon, a child sex offender.

Several measures were discussed, including preventing Cho Doo-soon from going out late at night.

In the background, it was confirmed that Jo Doo-soon said in a recent interview that he would quit drinking, but there was no specific social life plan to live with what he would do, so the judgment that there was still a risk of recidivism was at work.

Reporter Jeon Byeong-nam covered it alone.

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is the'Report on Countermeasures to Prevent Re-offenses after Cho Doo-soon' released by SBS.

This document, prepared by the Ministry of Justice, contains the contents of an interview with Cho Doo-soon who is about to be released in December.

Jo Doo-soon has refused to be interviewed, but it is described as being interviewed after continuing persuasion.

Looking at the results of the interview, Jo Doo-soon is accepting the evaluation of himself, and said, "If I am released, I will return to Ansan, where my family is, and I will stop drinking."

However, after being released from the prison, the Ministry of Justice judged that "they are vaguely saying that they will do daily labor, but there is no specific social life plan, so I expect the unstable living conditions to continue."

In the end, the report concludes that the risk of recidivism exists because of this.

In particular, he commented that it is necessary to impose compliance on Cho Doo-soon, such as alcohol restrictions, restrictions on going out, and prohibition of access to victims, since most of the past 17 crimes occurred while drunk.

[Go Young-in/Deobul-eo Democratic Party Member (Last 18th): Currently, this compliance is not imposed, to Cho Doo-soon.

Let's strengthen various special measures in Ansan...

.] In the

political world, there is even a plan to promote the imposition of compliance matters by making a law such as the'Cho Doo-soon Surveillance Act' that prevents sex offenders from going out of their residence 200 meters.

(Video coverage: Ha Ryung and Kim Nam-sung, Video editing: Park Ki-deok)