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foreign press reported that Nikola, a hydrogen electric vehicle company in the United States, which was caught in controversy about fraud, has stopped negotiating the construction of a hydrogen charging station with its partners.

Electric car maker Tesla also saw a plunge in stock prices on the second day after a disappointing business briefing.

This is Kim Soo-hyung, correspondent from Washington.

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Wall Street Journal reported that the negotiations for the construction of a hydrogen charging station by the hydrogen electric vehicle company Nicolas with its partners were stopped.

The discussions on building a hydrogen charging station were held with potential partners such as British energy company BP, but it was halted as controversy about fraud arose.

Nicolas said it was continuing negotiations with partners, but BP declined to comment, the Wall Street Journal said.

Securing partners to build a network of hydrogen charging stations for hydrogen trucks was Nikola's main strategic goal.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice have launched an investigation into allegations of Nicolas fraud.

Nikola's share price plunged more than 25% today.

Tesla, which presented only a long-term goal of releasing an electric vehicle at half price within three years without announcing innovative new technologies at the business briefing, collapsed at the $400 mark as the stock price fell more than 10% a day.

Reuters reported that 33 securities companies lowered their Tesla average target price to $305.

As concerns over the re-proliferation of Corona 19 and increased skepticism about technology stocks, the Nasdaq fell 3.02% and the Dow index fell 1.92%.