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Jo Doo-soon, a child sex offender, is released in December of this year, the news that he will stay in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, is increasing residents' unrest.

Members of the Ansan region, the Ministry of Justice, and the police gathered in one place to track the location of Cho Doo-soon for 24 hours, and to limit the movement of Doo-soon Cho at specific times and places. 

This is reporter Yun Nara.

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Mayor of Ansan, all the members of the Ansan City Assembly, the Vice Minister of Justice and the Gyeonggi Southern Police Commissioner gathered in Ansan City.

In 2008, this is a meeting to discuss measures for Cho Doo-soon, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for raping a child in a shopping district in Ansan, and released due to the expiration of his sentence in December.

The Ministry of Justice announced that it will appoint a dedicated probation officer and establish a 24-hour location tracking policy, and the police will operate five police officers as a dedicated TF and strengthen patrols during late-night and school hours.

There was also a discussion on how to newly apply the'post-release requirements'.

Observations include measures such as prohibiting going out at certain times of the day, restricting access to certain places, restricting access to certain people, and restricting drinking alcohol.

These observances can only be applied when the court issued the judgment on attaching electronic anklets together, but these observances were not imposed at the time of the 2009 ruling.

Therefore, there are some objections that impose a new requirement on Cho Doo-soon that it violates the principle of fluoride in punishment.

However, lawmakers in Ansan said, "There is also a law provision that states that compliance matters can be imposed if there is a change in circumstances, so we will find a solution."