The cloud cover varies widely, with the sunniest being in the area from the central part of the country to southern Lapland.

The most cloudy is in the northern part of Lapland.

The weather is almost rainy all over the country, there are local deaf rains in the eastern and northern part of Lapland, and snow or sleet can also rain in Lapland.

The west wind is moderate, in the north broadly gusty, and the gusts are particularly strong in the north.

The daytime temperature is 15 to 18 degrees in the southern part of the country, 10 to 16 degrees in the central part and mostly 6 to 10 degrees in the northern part, in some places lower in the arm.

On Wednesday mornings, there is fog in places in the southern and central parts of the country.

The cloud cover is variable in many places, abundant in Lapland, but gradually the weather is becoming much clearer in the southern and central parts of the country.

The weather is mostly rainy, with scattered rainfall in Lapland and snowfall in the north.

The wind between southwest and southeast is moderate.

The daytime temperature is 16 to 19 degrees in the southern part of the country and 13 to 18 degrees in the central part.

In the north, the temperature varies from 11 ... 14 degrees in the western part of Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu to 2 to 6 degrees in Northern Lapland.

On Thursday there will be fog in some places and the weather will be cloudy in Lapland, elsewhere in the country Cloud cover will vary.

In Lapland it can still rain a little in some places.

In the south and central part of the country, new scattered rainfall is spreading from the southwest, in the west there may be thunder in some places.

The rains spread for the night all the way to Lapland.

The wind is weak or moderate and from the south, in Lapland mostly from the west.

Daytime temperatures range from 16 to 20 degrees in the south to 4 to 9 degrees in northern Lapland.