• Ambush on the beach in Rome Torvaianica, an Albanian convict injured


22 September 2020Selavdi Shehaj, the 38-year-old Albanian citizen wounded by a gunshot on Sunday on the beach of Torvaianica, a hamlet of Pomezia, died.

The man was hospitalized in the post trauma and shock intensive care of the San Camillo hospital in Rome.

The 38-year-old, with a history of drugs, had undergone two surgeries.

Doctors had tried in vain to minimize the damage from the bullet that had injured his spinal cord and paralyzed his arms and legs.

Constantly monitored by the staff of the San Camillo, his body did not hold up.   

With the death of the 38-year-old the investigation entrusted to the DDA of Rome becomes voluntary murder.

The Carabinieri of the Pomezia company investigate the case, hunting for the 2 men who would have arrived at the 'Bora Bora' factory aboard a dark motorcycle.

One of the two, dressed as a runner - as reported by some witnesses - and armed with a pistol, reached the Albanian on the beach and fired 2 shots.

One of the two bullets landed and reached the 38-year-old in the cervical area.