This year's Nobel Prize award ceremony scaled down September 23, 5:23 without attendees

The Nobel Foundation, which runs the Nobel Prize, has announced that the award ceremony to be held in December will be held in a different way than usual, considering the impact of the new coronavirus. ..

The Nobel Prize award ceremony is held every December at a concert hall in the center of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

The Nobel Foundation, which operates the Nobel Foundation, announced on the 22nd that it will cancel the large-scale ceremony in the concert hall and reduce the scale to the city hall in Stockholm in consideration of the influence of the new coronavirus. did.

From the viewpoint of infection prevention, the ceremony is expected to limit the number of attendees to a small number, and the winners will not attend directly and will receive medals and diplomas at embassies and universities in each country. Is transmitted on TV.

The Nobel Foundation has already decided to cancel the banquet that follows the award ceremony, and this year's winners will be invited to next year's ceremony and banquet.

Regarding the Nobel Peace Prize, the Norwegian Commission announced on the 22nd that it will reduce the scale of the ceremony held in the capital Oslo and cancel the dinner party.

Winners may not attend directly, but may participate online.

The announcement of the Nobel Prize will begin on October 5th.