Smoke particles from raging forest fires off the west coast of the United States colored the sunset red-orange on Monday.

In most parts of Finland, however, the cloud cover covered the sunset behind it, the Finnish Meteorological Institute said in the evening.

The horizon looked great in Veteli in Central Ostrobothnia. Photo: Reko Harju / Reader's photo

The best colorful sunsets were seen in western Lapland and southwestern Finland.

Elsewhere, seeing the sunset behind a thick cloud cover was lucky.

- Yes, it has been good luck to see for the most part, said Nina Karusto, a meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Smoke particles have been spotted occasionally over Kuopio on 11 September.

The particles are transported by jet streams, so they do not affect the air quality of the earth's surface.

The jet streams move very fast at an altitude of several kilometers.

IS readers have posted pictures of the sunset.

Leena Junninen, 54, who lives in Martinkylä, Sipoo, 54 also photographed a special sunset with her camera.

This is what Monday's sunset looked like when viewed from Sipoo. Photo: Leena Junninen / Reader's photo

Pictures of the sun shattered in the middle of the orange-red curtain he took a few hundred yards from his backyard.

Junninen says he describes sunsets sometimes, but describes Monday's appearance as nicer than usual.

- The sunset was different.

It could be viewed without dazzling the eyes, and the circle of the sun stood out clearly.

A bit of a strange sight, Junninen says.

Monday sunset in Sipoo. Photo: Leena Junninen / Reader's photo

However, the cause of the phenomenon was somewhat thoughtful, as there are thousands of kilometers from the west coast of the United States to Sipoo.

- Somehow wondered how it could be possible.

I wonder if anything like that air comes from that we don’t know about.

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