Three people work at the recycling center in Staa outside Åre.

When SVT gets there, it is open and people come in torrents to throw rubbish.

A small friggebod can be seen in the area.

It is the employees' staff space.

Inside, they eat, rest and receive customers who need invoicing.

The cottage is about ten square meters large.

- We got a freezer here last summer, before that we only had one fridge, says Jimmy Engman.

Lacks drying facilities

He works at the recycling center and is also a safety representative.

- We would need real drying opportunities.

In the winters it gets wet and cold and if the shoes and clothes get wet it is not possible to dry them, he says.

May bring water bottles

And so it has looked over the years.

There is no running water.

When employees go to work in the morning, they are allowed to bring water in cans.

This is what they should use if they need to wash their hands or wash dishes.

Same in Brattåsen

But it is not only in Staa that the work environment looks like this.

It also looks the same at the recycling center in Brattåsen in Storlien.

In Brattåsen, staff have also taken care of submitted chemicals despite the lack of an emergency shower.

Something that is required if you accidentally get acid, for example.

Jimmy Engman recently became a safety representative.

Therefore, he does not know why it has looked like this for so long.

- It has been like this for a lot of years.

Here in Staa, the recycling center has been around for about 20 years and this has been the case all along, he says.

In the clip, he shows how they went about washing their hands.