“The employer forms the budget for the next year at the end of the year.

Here the employer thinks about the rotation of employees, about new employees, about the possibility of increasing wages.

This is a good opportunity for an employee to ask for a salary increase, since the budget is still being formed, ”Dolyakova said in an interview with Sputnik.

However, such a request should be properly justified, she added.

“An employer raises salaries when a candidate is ready to take on additional work.

It makes sense to tell the employer that the increase in wages should be not just because the rent of an apartment has risen in price and the person needs more money, but because the person is ready to take more work and for this he needs to increase his salary by 15-20% ”, - said the specialist.

She advised to prepare for such a conversation and "think about the work done and about the one that the person is ready to offer."

Dolyakova stressed that it is not recommended to “blackmail the employer” by the fact that other companies make offers to the employee, because the employer will already understand that “this is a disloyal employee”.

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