"The bill establishes a ban on the use of encryption protocols on the territory of the Russian Federation, allowing to hide the name (identifier) ​​of a web page or site on the Internet, except for cases established by the legislation of the Russian Federation," the explanatory note to the corresponding draft says.

As specified, the use of such protocols can make it difficult to identify resources with inappropriate information.

In addition, it is proposed to introduce liability for violation of the ban in the form of blocking the Internet resource by Roskomnadzor within one working day after the violation is revealed.

"The adoption of the bill ... will have a positive impact on the identification of resources on the Internet, containing information, the dissemination of which in the Russian Federation is restricted or prohibited," the explanation says.

In March 2019, Roskomnadzor demanded that the owners of ten anonymizers, including Kaspersky Lab, connect to the unified register of websites prohibited in Russia.