Current political micro video丨The harvest is at the right time

  The four seasons alternate, summer retreats and autumn cools.

The autumnal equinox is the sixteenth of the twenty-four solar terms in the traditional lunar calendar.

  On September 22, 2020, the autumn equinox of the lunar calendar, the country ushered in the third harvest festival for Chinese farmers.

  In 2018, with the approval of the Party Central Committee and the approval of the State Council, the autumn equinox day was designated as the "Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival."

This is the first national festival dedicated to farmers.

  This year, from the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia that began at the beginning of the year to the severe flood conditions that have not happened in many years, agricultural production has encountered successive challenges.

  Faced with the test, General Secretary Xi Jinping has always maintained a sober judgment and deployed spring ploughing as soon as possible.

"The more we face risks and challenges, the more we must stabilize agriculture, and the more we must ensure the safety of food and important non-staple foods."

  Through the joint efforts of all parties, the country's agricultural production has been steadily carried out, and the summer grain has been harvested again. The total output has increased by 1.208 million tons over last year.

  The 2020 harvest is hard to come by!

  Director system丨Luo Hongbing and Wang Shanshan

  Producer丨Geng Zhimin

  Producer丨Han Renwei

  Director丨Wang Shuai Du Xiaodong

  Vision丨Li Bin

  Coordinator丨Yang Bo, Kou Linyang, Liu Yuan

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