China News Service, Beijing, September 22 (Reporter Li Chun) The reporter learned from the Chinese Ministry of National Defense on the evening of the 22nd that the spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense Wu Qian said that on September 21, the sixth round of the commander-level talks between the Chinese and Indian armed forces The Mordor border talks meeting station was held.

After consultation between the two parties, a joint press release was issued. The relevant content is as follows:

  On September 21, the Chinese and Indian armed forces held the sixth round of commander-level talks. The two sides exchanged candid and in-depth views on stabilizing the situation in the area of ​​the border control line between China and India. They agreed to earnestly implement the important consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries and strengthen the current situation. Communicate locally to avoid misunderstandings and misjudgments, stop adding troops to the front line, not only change the current situation unilaterally, and avoid any actions that may complicate the situation.

The two sides also agreed to hold the seventh round of military commander-level talks as soon as possible, take pragmatic measures to properly handle local issues, and jointly maintain peace and tranquility in the border area.