The week is progressing quite warm in much of the country.

The meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Nina Karusto, says that temperatures in southern and central Finland will fluctuate by almost 20 degrees from Tuesday to the weekend.

- On Tuesday, the warmest areas would be in the south, where the highest temperatures could be around 18 degrees.

However, I would like to emphasize that the north is very windy today.

- Tomorrow, Wednesday, some of the central parts of the country could reach 18 degrees, in the south the highest temperature could be 19 degrees.

For the warmest day of the week, Karusto predicts Thursday, when the temperature may rise somewhere even above 20 degrees.

- The area depends on how the downpour zone is developing to the west.

In the west, the temperature may stay cooler on Thursday.

The warmest would most likely be east-oriented.

There could be just over 20 degrees on Thursday, could be 21, or even 22 degrees.

It could extend to Uusimaa as well.

However, uncertainty about the forecasts is compounded by the possibility of cloud cover and rainfall.

- I saw real spring and summer readings until the end of September, however, Karusto adds.

According to Karusto, based on the current forecast, the weekend will look rainy in a large part of the country.

- Friday could be the most unfavorable day for warm weather.

The weekend would be largely sunny, but the rain zone in the west brings significant uncertainty, especially for the weekend.