Two years ago, Rögle BK started their own girls' team in Ängelholm and already in the first year they got 20 players.

Since then, the number of players has steadily increased and today they have almost 50 girls on the team.

- It is historical because it has actually never happened before in Skåne or in a club that you have had so many registered girls.

So it is of course great fun, says Ellinor Rydell, head coach of Team Tjejer in Rögle BK.

Almost 50 girls are now part of Rögle BK's girls team, something that is historic, according to head coach Ellinor Rydell.

Photo: Stina Sandström / SVT

Large increase in Skåne

To attract girls to the sport, the club has arranged try-out days and after the last time, twelve new girls were added.

- There is an interest and it's just that we have to lift the girls and give them the chance to try playing, says Ellinor Rydell.

Even in Skåne in general, there are more girls than ever playing hockey.

From having 56 girl players four years ago to having 118 players in the 2019-2020 season, figures from the Swedish Ice Hockey Association show.

Mella Niegnell and Emilia Rydell, 12, want to play hockey at an elite level in the future.

Photo: Stina Sandström / SVT

"Want to play in SDHL"

Rögle BK hopes that the interest will continue to increase and that eventually they will be able to have a women's team at an elite level in the club.

- Our vision for the future is that we will of course have an activity that goes from children and youth activities up to elite activities just as we have it for the boys, says Ellinor Rydell.

Playing hockey at an elite level is the goal for Mella Liegnel, 12 years old.

- I would like to play the TV puck next and play in more girls' leagues and SDHL, she says.

See more from Rögle Team Girls 'training and hear coach Ellinor Rydell talk about the girls' commitment in the clip above.