IS reported earlier on Monday about a serious act of violence that took place in the yard of Kytöpuisto school in Vantaa on Tuesday last week.

As the suspects in the act are only 12–13 years old, no criminal investigation has been launched into the case, but it is now being investigated in the preventive activities of the Eastern Uusimaa police.

In the case of preventive measures for children and young people, the police co-operate with social work, schools, child protection and youth work.

Simo Kauppinen, the commissioner in charge of preventive activities of the Eastern Uusimaa police, confirms to IS that the case of Kytöpuisto School is under investigation.

- The school yard of Kytöpuisto is 15.9.

a suspected assault occurred in which one student was assaulted by being knocked to the ground and then kicked.

The act itself is serious, the victim has had to visit a hospital.

But fortunately, his injuries have not been really serious, Kauppinen says.

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According to Kauppinen, four students are currently suspected of a criminal act.

He says the victim is of the same age group as the suspects.

A police patrol who visited the school on the spot recorded the report of the crime.

For the time being, Kauppinen does not take a position on whether the case involves, for example, previous bullying.

- These backgrounds are now being clarified on behalf of the police as well.

Such a cycle of violence is also being broken in multi-professional co-operation, because it is only children, Kauppinen says.

An update made by the victim's adult big sister has spread on Facebook in recent days, in which she strongly criticizes the Kytöpuisto school's actions regarding bullying against her little brother.

The big sister reached by IS on Monday says it released the update because it wanted people to get better information about what happened in the backgrounds.

- I try to keep my brother's side and I hope that the bullies will be held accountable for their actions.

In my opinion, the responsibility for this definitely belongs to the school as well, the big sister says.

She says her 11-year-old little brother has been bullied for more than a month and her mother has also visited the school to talk about it on several occasions.

According to the sister, the boy has been threatened after school by a larger group, which has also included high school students invited by the bullies, possibly their older siblings.

- It hasn't been addressed.

He has then been accompanied, i.e. the teacher has always taken him to the other side of the forest and he then walks home from it alone.

Ilkka Kalo, Vantaa's director of basic education, has told Helsingin Sanomat that there had been five part-time supervisors in the school yard.

Big sister says she heard from both the regional head of primary education and the school principal that there would have been eight part-time supervisors.

- However, the little brother said that there had only been one break supervisor outside, who he also went inside when this assault took place, the big sister says.

According to Kalo, it is impossible for part-time supervisors to see the actions of all students all the time.

The sister says she understands this, but notes that it does not remove what has happened, however.

Photo: IS

Last week’s Tuesday was the first time bullying progressed into serious physical violence.

The big sister also says she asked her little brother what her perception is of why the bullies have chosen her as their victim.

- The brother replied that the reason is that he does not want to be with them because he just likes to study.

I think this is so wrong precisely because he likes to study.

Now he has to be home because he can’t go there.

But these bullies are still in school.

Mom had taken another little brother to school and there those bullies were in the school yard.

According to the big sister, the fifth student was also involved in the situation, who filmed the act on video.

The sister of the video says what has spread among the students on the Snapchat app as well as on YouTube what she considers a disgrace.

His little brother describes the physical injuries as minor, but the mental ones as even greater.

The boy has said the thought of going to school is distressing, even though he has felt safe while at home.

The sister says she has not received an answer from the school as to why the bullying has not been addressed.

IS has also been in contact with an 11-year-old father.

Like her big sister, she also says bullying has not been addressed, even though it has been known to the school, she said.

- This is a serious matter, the whole family is depressed because of this, the father says.

He also says he has been in contact with the principal, the social worker and child welfare.

He has not received any contact from anyone other than the police himself immediately after the incident.

The matter will soon be resolved at a school meeting in which the police will also participate.

The family has also been in contact with a lawyer.

On Monday, representatives of the city, the school department and the school published an article on the City of Vantaa's Facebook page, in which they commented on the discussion on social media about the case.

According to the writing, the school has discussed and will continue to discuss the matter with the guardians involved.

The school is also said to have started “preparations for disciplinary action” immediately after the incident.

- The city of Vantaa takes the matter seriously and does not accept violence or bullying, there is zero tolerance for it.

The Kytöpuisto school tackles all bullying brought to the attention of adults immediately in accordance with the school's operating model.

In all serious situations, in accordance with the operating model, we also contact the child protection authorities, the article states.

The principal of the Kytöpuisto school did not want to comment on the case to IS on Monday, as the responsibility for informing about the matter lies with Ilkka Kalo, the director of basic education.

Kalo did not want to comment specifically on the victim's big sister's Facebook update, but on the social media discussion of the case in general.

- In the Somek conversation, these other updates are often across the board so that some things are true and some are not.

And unfortunately I can’t leave to comment on them individually.

As stated in the press release, the school will address all cases.

At a general level, it can sometimes be the case that some other students in the same school or those in a neighboring school have done something that has been addressed and then acted in a certain way.

And then sometimes it can happen that some others do something, Kalo says.

Kalo also does not want to take a position on whether the bullying of the student was known to the school.

- As I pointed out in a general answer in the previous answer, sometimes there can be different views on things and so on.

It’s hard because we can’t start commenting on these individual things in public, Kalo says.

However, he confirms the number of break supervisors he previously told HS at five.

According to Kalo, two of the supervisors were in one yard, the other two in another yard and the Fifth on the sports field.

The school has 430 students.