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After the calm, the storm arrives again.

Just a few hours after the unit that Pedro Sánchez and Isabel Díaz Ayuso wanted to stage, in their meeting to address the situation of the pandemic in the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias, second vice president of the Government, has criticized the action that he is carrying out the Madrid president and her vice president Ignacio Aguado.

"The central government has the obligation to collaborate with all the administrations. However, this does not mean to agree with the measures that Ayuso and Aguado have taken."

Iglesias' approach, very critical of the actions of the Madrid administration, contrasts with the tone used by Sánchez after his meeting with Ayuso.

The President of the Government made an effort to place himself in the "union" - "This pandemic deserves the union, it is not a time for reproaches" - and sent a message to those seeking confrontation: "They will leave empty-handed."

Some reproaches that Iglesias has launched.

Both for Ayuso and Aguado.

For Ayuso: "There are many people in


who have the feeling that some are talking about segregation. It was serious for Ayuso to say that the problem of the pandemic is foreign children who do not have parents or try to criminalize the poor."

Criticisms also of Aguado, vice president of the Community: "It does not seem sensible to listen to someone in charge of the Madrid Administration say that citizens have to choose between being the virus or the vaccine. There are workers from




who have to take the subway to go to work and there is no right to be told that they are viruses. "

Aguado, the day Madrid announced the restrictions, said: "In the fight against this pandemic, citizens are going to be able to choose what to be, if virus or vaccine."

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