The buzz around the match between PSG and Marseille in the French Football League is growing.

The match, which led to numerous bans and accusations, was played on Sunday 13 September.

At the end of the match, a fierce controversy was seen on the field, resulting in five players receiving a red card.

The latest accusing finger once again points to PSG’s Brazilian superstar Neymar.

Spain’s El Partidazo de Cope says Marseille is in possession of video evidence of a situation in which Neymar is barking at Marseille’s Japanese defender Hiroki Sakaita with a racist expression.

Neymar was one of the red card recipients after slapping Alvaro Gonzales from behind on the head at the end of the match.

Neymar was later sentenced to a two-match ban on the situation.

Neymar, who published a series of angry tweets after the match, accused Gonzales of using racist language during the match.

Neymaria, on the other hand, has been accused of barking at Gonzales in a homophobic tone.

In a video cut from a TV channel on a Spanish channel, Neymar appears to slander Gonzales homophobically.

The French league has said it is investigating allegations against both players.

With the latest twists and turns, more research has emerged.

According to Mundo Deportivo, racist expressions could lead to a ban of up to ten matches for both Gonzales and Neymar.