Uruguay-born football star Luis Suarez is applying for Italian citizenship.

Now the Italian authorities are investigating whether Suarez passed his Italian language test as part of the citizenship application process by fraudulent means, says AP, among others.

The study targets a senior executive at the University of Perugia, who is said to have helped Suarez get through the experiment.

Suarez took the test at the university, and it is alleged that the grade was clear even before he took the exam.

- The investigation revealed that the topics to be covered in the test had been agreed in advance with the applicant and that a relative grade had already been given before the test was conducted, according to a Perugia police release, according to Sky Sports.

In its own press release, the University of Perugia denied guilty of the alleged acts.

Suarez’s enthusiasm for Italian citizenship was believed to be related to the 33-year-old striker’s aspirations to move into the ranks of Juventus, who plays in Series A.

Juventus does not have any vacancies for players from outside the EU.

Mr Suarez is married to an Italian national and is therefore entitled to apply for nationality.

According to the latest information, Suarez, who will leave FC Barcelona after six seasons, would end up representing Atletico Madrid instead of Juventus.

Suarez would have had one more year left in his contract with Barcelona.

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