Viking Line's Amorella ship, which ran aground in Åland on Sunday, is scheduled to be moved from the shore of Järsö Island to the port of Långnäs in Åland on Wednesday.

  • The IS monitors the operation on site in live broadcast.

From Långnäs port, Amore will be taken to the repair yard in Naantali.

According to Viking Line, the exact schedule for this had not yet been confirmed on Tuesday.

According to the plan, an attempt will first be made to unload the cargo at Amorella and to unload the cars from the ship in the port of Långnäs.

The Accident Investigation Board (Otkes) is investigating the Amorella accident. According to Otkes' director Veli-Pekka Nurmi, the technical inspection of the ship and the actual consultation of the personnel will be carried out as soon as the ship is received in Naantali.